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We provide a multitude of services pertaining to Oral health Care of children of all ages.  These include:

Smiling childrenOral Disease prevention methods such as:

Supplemental fluoride therapy
Pit and fissure sealants
Preventive resin restorations
Sports safety

Restorative techniques such as:
Amalgam, stainless steel crowns
Composites and esthetic crowns
Pulp therapy

Minor surgical procedures such as:
Supernumerary teeth, Mesiodens removal
Mucocoele Excisions

Emergency treatment for toothaches and trauma to oral structureskids-afsm

We have extensive experience in non-pharmacological and pharmacological methods of behavior management of uncooperative, fearful, physically and mentally challenged children to provide optimal dental treatment. These include:

Nitrous Oxide Sedation
Oral Sedation
Intravenous Sedation*
General Anesthesia* --- Provided by an Anesthesiologist